ISBN:  978-1517240684
Reading Age:  8-12 years
Length:   186 pages

Taya and her best friend, Chris, become environmental warriors when they set out to help Professor Monahan save a beautiful stretch of riverfront land from money-hungry property developers.
Taya doesn't think she believes in ghosts, but there is something very creepy about the whole situation.
Will the big woolly dog, Minette, be a help or a hindrance as the kids search for an old document that could stop the development from going ahead.
Do you believe in ghosts?
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Children will enjoy this mystery and the author manages to keep a good tempo as the story progresses. The main characters, Chris and Taya, are adorable and relatable and the rest of the characters are also memorable along with them.
The author's writing style is descriptive, making the story very visual. There is fluidity in her writing which gives a good pace and movement to the story. It is definitely a story for all those children who love adventure and solving mysteries.
Mamta Madhaven:  Readers' Favorite