The Gummshoes stories came about as a result of a bout of whooping cough in 2015. 
As I was unable to go to work because of the constant coughing and the possibility of sharing the ghastly germs with all and sundry, I watched a lot of television. 

One afternoon I happened to to see a program on which a pair of young guys were telling how they had decided to step in to help younger kids who were being bullied at their school. 

The suffering of these younger kids resonated strongly with these boys because they themselves had been the victims of bullies. Now that they were  "way cooler" as members of the school's football team, they were able to take the younger kids under their wings and give them the confidence to stand up for themselves. 

That little idea has now become the Eagle Buddies movement and has spread to many, many schools.

In Gummshoes, Frankie Gumm and Oliver Mollison know what is like to be bullied. They have learned strategies to cope with the Boneheads at their school and decide to take care of the younger kids who are being targeted by the bullies.

Mission #1: The Nobbled Numbskull sees Frankie, Olly and their little buddy, Binka, trying to figure out who is sabotaging the school soccer team.

ISBN:               978-1430288588

Reading Age:  8-12 years

Leangth:          120 pages

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I had only planned to read a few pages of this book last night to help me fall asleep, but the characters and the story were so engaging that the fun within the pages won out over sleep. E.J. Gore paced the book well, enabling the reader to absorb each new bit of information while trying to determine who the culprit was. It was hard to feel sorry for Nits, being that he was such a bully to those who were trying to help him, but with Frankie also not wanting to play in any more soccer games, I could understand the motivation for the junior sleuths to continue. I liked how Olly and Frankie took Binka under their wing and stood up for him when he was subjected to bullying. Gummshoes' ‘Mission 1: The Nobbled Numbskull’ not only provided great entertainment in the solving of a great mystery, but also showed the nasty effects of bullying in schools, and how standing together against the bullies can make a big impact in building the confidence of bullying victims. I feel that this book should be stocked in school libraries and recommend this book to children in the 7-12 age group.

Readers' Favorite:  Five Star Review

Mission #2: The Medal Muddle  

 Mission #2:
The latest craze MODO (Masters of Deimos One) is sweeping through Carson Road School.
Excitement is everywhere. Everyone is collecting the cards and medals. ​
But something weird is also happening. Nits wants to be friends with Frankie and Olly. He is actually being nice.
Will Nits become a Gummshoe - or will Frankie and Olly become Boneheads?

Five star Review by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite.     

I found this second tale in the Gummshoes series to be very fast-paced and quite accurate of the odd crazes of today’s youth. Sadly, bullying is nothing new in schools and the fact that the school principal seemed aware of who the perpetrators are, but turned a blind eye, is heartbreaking.
E.J. Gore’s well-written and entwined mysteries truly get the reader thinking about what is really going on in the background, whether or not Nits is genuine or playing a part in order to inflict more damage on the Gummshoes.
Quite a lot of violence takes place in this second instalment, all over a game which is akin to the collection of Pokémon figures or baseball cards – but the true mystery lies in who is stealing the school principal’s war medals – something which gave me both a chill and made my blood boil at the same time. So many scenarios played in my brain which, oddly enough, made reading this tale all the more exciting.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Medal Muddle and look forward to reading future books in the Gummshoes series. I recommend The Medal Muddle to readers aged 7-12 years who thrive on adventure and mystery while learning how to avoid the bullies lurking in their school.

ISBN:  978-0994534316
Reading Age: 8- 12 years
Length: 112 pages

Available from:
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